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Avoyelles Parish has two Detention centers.  One Male DC-1 and one Female DC-3 facility.  Our Male facility DC-1 can house a capacity of 400 offenders and the Female facility DC-3 can house a capacity of 300 female offenders.  Avoyelles Parish offers a number of education classes, designed to better the offenders.  TWP program for trustees is also offered to the offenders whom qualify.


All letters to any offender must be sent in the following format:

[Offender Name]

[Offender ID No.]
C/O Smart Communication

Avoyelles Parish Jail
675 Government Street

Marksville, Louisiana 71351

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Detention Center One Warden

Bruce Cazelot


Detention Center One (Male)

675 Government St.
Marksville, LA 71351
(318)253-4000 - Ext. 2

Detention Center Three Warden





Detention Center Three (Female)

641 Choupique Lane
Cottonport, LA 71327
(318)253-4000 - Ext. 8

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