Active Shooter Training   

Avoyelles Parish Sheriff David L. Dauzat would like to notify everyone in Avoyelles Parish that this week the Avoyelles Parish Sheriff’s Office conducted Active Shooter Training at the Fifth Ward Community Center.  If you saw a large police presence and unusual police activity there, it was just training.

APSO Staff and other local law enforcement agencies trained together in a simulated active shooter incident scenario at the old Fifth Ward High School.  The training focused on response and tactics during an active shooter incident.  Hopefully, this training will never be needed in a real-life incident, but if duty calls, we will be able to respond to such an emergency.  You can be assured that, in light of recent events in the news, our response to such an incident will be swift and sure, without delay or cowardice.  We will protect our teachers and children.  We pray that our community never has such an incident.

The following agencies participated in the training exercise:

Avoyelles Parish Sheriff’s Office

Marksville Police Department

Plaucheville Police Department

Tunica-Biloxi Tribal Police


See the following photos:

IMG 2763IMG 2760IMG 2789IMG 2798IMG 2778