08/12/2022 – APSO Criminal Patrols at Work

APSO Criminal Patrols at Work

Sheriff David L. Dauzat increased criminal patrols in Avoyelles Parish.  These Criminal Patrol Units will occasionally provide an additional Patrol Unit, in addition to the regular shift of Patrol Deputies on duty, focusing on identifying suspicious persons in high crime areas, burglars, drug interdiction, and the apprehension of wanted criminals, violent offenders, and sex offenders.

On August 12, 2022, the additional Criminal Patrol Unit resulted in the following:

  • Twelve (12) Arrest Warrants executed. (9 – Failure to Appear, 1 – Theft, 2 – Probation Violations)
  • One (1) Narcotics Arrest for Possession of CDS Schedule II

Even though our budget has been tight, we have strived to provide the very best service with the funds available.  We are now one step closer to receiving grant funds so that we can have even more Criminal Patrol Units on duty more often.

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